11/01/2020 : Mankind Spiritual Warriors Spring

Mankind Spiritual Warriors - Spring 2020

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Melton Mowbray
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Mankind Spiritual Warriors Spring

We are inviting an opening for men this coming Spring 2020. For those seeking to develop or continue on their spiritual path. Join us on a journey of self -discovery, as men come together to bring wisdom and knowledge shared from their own divine ancestral line, life’s lessons, indigenous mentoring teachings and inner knowing ,that comes deep within their very own birth right.by  This weekend will follow on from a introduction day and there will be 6 camping weekends  from Saturday till Sunday throughout 2020 and dates will be discussed on the initial introduction day.Location is on sacred land in heart of Rutland UK and all Ceremonies will be held in and around our ceremonial tents. There will a communal shared  meals and a responsibility to work the sacred fire throughout the weekends.  It is a Drug and Alcohol Free weekends Percentage of  proceeds will go towards two Male charities  Family need  Fathers Man Kind Initiative for men who have experienced domestic violenceIs this for YOU ?   Have you recently -Been through a difficult initiation perhaps many in this life time.You feel you are increasingly becoming disconnected with yourself and the worldYou often feel introvertYou are sensitiveYou feel most at home in nature You feel some sort of spiritual connection You want to reach your full potential.Your open minded and wish to explore a spiritual path You wish to walk on a sacred path that your next 7 generations would be proud to follow .If so this inspiring day and future weekends are for YOU.wWords of wisdom "Crazy Horse was a Warrior.

I want to explain the concept of a Warrior to you. The Warrior assumes self-responsibility, then the Warrior reaches out and helps other people become responsible, but never forgets humility. We are no better or no less than one another. He learns the power of giving, you learn to give respect for yourself so you will respect one another. A Warrior takes responsibility, humility, the power of giving and centers that around his or her core of spirituality." ~Billy Mills -Oglala Lakota Nation

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