9/02/2019 : Make Your Mind Work For You Event

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Make Your Mind Work For You Event

Who is in charge of you? A first thought might be that it is your conscious, your brain, however the truth is it is your unconscious. This can manifest itself when for example, you have travelled to work but have no idea where you parked your car - so who parked your car? We all know the phrase 'mind over matter' but what does that really mean? With your mind being in charge there is a relationship with your body (via your nervous system) which can produce results in overcoming those barriers which can hold us back (self doubt, limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, phobias) and also moving us forwards with confidence and a positive mindset receptive to all that life has to throw at us in these times. This practical event focuses on the mind, how it works, what we see (what you perceive is what you see in yourself and why that is a big deal), how we process thoughts and how to empower ourselves to make our mind work for us.

Included is an overview of hypnosis what really happens and how it works whilst you remain in control at all times finishing with learning a self hypnosis technique for relaxation and de-stressing. Suitable for the curious, those who interested in self improvement, wellness and wellbeing and want to move forwards.  See less

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