9/02/2019 : Kundadance Jack

Kundadance with Jack

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Essex (GB052)
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Kundadance Jack

Namaste and welcome to Kundadance. :) Kundadance is a fusion of Kundalini Yoga, Tai-chi and Qi Gong, join us as we go on a journey dancing through the chakras inviting new, fresh, vibrant energy. This is a very fun, uplifting and creative way of raising the Kundalini energy. For more information please visit @kundadancewithjack. The music is in a special frequency 528hz which is also known as the “love frequency” the same frequency John Legend played in for “Imagine”. When we hear this frequency, it has an immediate healing effect on the body. Get ready to sweat as we sweat out all the toxins. I look forward to meeting you soon x x x This is suitable for all ages and abilities/levels. Please note: this is at your own risk, please consult a physician/doctor before attempting any physical exercise and immediately consult a medical professional if you experience any difficulty breathing.

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