7/09/2019 : Endurance September

ENDURANCE September 2019

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Endurance September

This route follows the very same marched by UKSF selection personnel on their final stage of Test Week on the aptitude phase of Selection.  The Endurance march is by far the toughest challenge faced by UKSF candidates on this phase of the Selection course. Soldiers are carrying in excess of 55lb (Not including food, water & rifle) and have to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint individually.  Similarly to UKSF selection each registrant on this event will have to cover the 64km (40mile) route visiting various checkpoints along the route.  Choose from the following categories: 35lbs Loadbearing 25lbs Masters Loadbearing 55lbs Loadbearing As a result it is recommended that you come prepared for this event by ensuring that you have an adequate level of fitness and that you are competent with a map and compass.

The prerequisite for this event comes in the form of navigation training. You will need to have attended at least one of the following before commencement of this event: Endurance Recce            Or Hill Fit Navigation Day or Weekend CUT OFF TIMES There will be serveral cut off times that will be announced on the event brief. These will be designated CP's where you will have to reach in a required time set by the DS on the day. The times are very generous and are largely dependant on the weather and ground conditions on the day.  The event will start late in early hours of Saturday morning at 0100hrs and the first 'dark' leg depending on weather conditions will be in small groups and DS lead. Once the groups have reached the first checkpoint, the DS will account for everyone and release you individually to continue on the remaining part of the route.
At this point you will be responsible for your own navigation and expected to RV at each checkpoint along the route. The route itself will be marshalled at particular areas. There will be water at designated checkpoint. There will be a mediic team at hand across the route together with our Mountain Safety Det. areas. Safety is paramount on all TSFE events and as a result all TSFE staff have been given the authority to stop anyone at any checkpoint whom they consider is not fit to continue. This is for everybody's safety and to ensure an enjoyable event for everyone. TSFE Endurance 'Always a little futher'

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