7/02/2019 : Becollaboration Chelmsford Essex Meeting

BeCollaboration - Chelmsford, Essex, Meeting

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Becollaboration Chelmsford Essex Meeting

Each of our meetings is lead by an Accomplice – our term for the Group Leader. They are each run monthly with the exception of August and December.  Meetings start at 2:45 pm with Guest sign-in, before joining the Collaborators meeting from 3pm to 6pm. In each meeting we have a Know and Be Known slot where one of our Collaborators tell us more about them and their lives – not a sales pitch. We also look at one of our Core Values and what that means to the people in the room. The month following the Know and Be Known, we ask the Collaborator to run a Masterclass for a small group of Collaborators at the same time as the Introduction Meeting is happening. Here they ‘share their best stuff’, which is one of our core beliefs. The following month they star in the Genius Slot, which is where they then share their Genius with the whole group.

So you can see that there are some really meaningful and transformational things shared and experienced.  Why not come along and see what transformations you too could experience? It’s free to attend – so what have you got to lose? January's Know & Be Known is from Simon Thomas, entitled "Maximising Your Website", and the description is TBC The Genius Slot is by Nick Horton, not sure what it's called yet, but it's around an alternative financial system. And January's Core Value is Freedom Meeting run by Barry Haeger & Carol May

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