5/09/2019 : Fit Mama Week Postnatal Core Recovery Course Thursdays

FIT Mama 6-week Postnatal Core Recovery Course (Thursdays)

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Fit Mama Week Postnatal Core Recovery Course Thursdays

The 6-week FIT Mama Core Recovery course is for women who want to: ● Restore their abdominal muscles + pelvic floor so they can be confident when they do "mum stuff", cough or sneeze● Get back their strength + fitness back in a safe, progressive and effective way to ultimately return to the sports they love (such as running, rowing, weight training)● Know how to lift, load and move in a way that supports their postnatal recovery ... and more. It doesn't matter if you had your baby 8 weeks or 8 months ago. Course runs 11am - 12pm Thursday 5th Sept - Thursday 10th October. Babies welcome. Spaces are LIMITED to 4 women to ensure you the best attention. Who is this program for? This program is for you if: You’ve recently birthed your baby (whether vaginally or c-section) + want to improve your core connection + pelvic floor condition, as well as address those back, hip, knee + shoulder aches You birthed your baby some time ago, but didn’t properly address your postnatal rehab at the time You wish to heal your diastasis recti (abdominal separation) You want to improve your “mum tum” but realise it’s going to require something different to abdominal “crunch” exercises and calorie restriction to achieve this You're experiencing incontinence issues, such as sneezy pees, leak a little when laughing or running, or experience escaping wind at often the most embarrassing times + want to be confident about social situations You want to learn how to heal and protect your postnatal body not just now, but also for the longer term This innovative program will probably open your eyes as to all the things your postnatal recovery actually does need to include to get the job done.

Enrol in our FIT Mama Postnatal Recovery program and here’s what you get. Personalised assessment of where you are in terms of postnatal healing. We’ll also consider your physical + emotional wellbeing as these are equally important to consider 6 x 60 minute weekly sessions that are designed to build upon your postnatal recovery week on week Short, safe, effective home workout program in between our sessions to enhance your results Access to our private Facebook group to inspire and support you, so if you hit a sticky patch we’ll help you get unstuck in a flash. Videos of the exercises we do in class and other resources you can use at home. Most importantly, an experienced postnatal coach to train you the right way so that you can get back to the things you love.
Enrol today and let's get you started.

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