5/08/2019 : Cambridge Islamic College Retreat Reason Revelation

Cambridge Islamic College 2019 Retreat - Reason and Revelation

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Cambridge Islamic College Retreat Reason Revelation

Studying at University today means that you are exposed to sytems of thought which seem, on the surface, to contradict the basic principles of your religion. Whether you are studying the natural or social sciences, engineering, law or economics, all of these subjects are part of a secular world view which completely rejects the unseen. For young Muslims, this can be quite a daunting environment - especially when many of your professors, those who are meant to guide you on your intellectual journey, are themselves atheists.  How does one cope with this? Are the secular sciences really at odds with Islam? Can we look to the Islamic tradition to find answers to some of the questions that natural and social scientists are grappling with today? These are some of the questions we hope to grapple with, in a 5 day retreat in one of the most distinguished academic cities in the world - Cambridge.

Key features of the programme will include - Staying in the heart of Cambridge, one of the most historical centres of learning in the Western world. - Daily classes with one of the most renowned Islamic scholars in the West, Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi. - Guest lectures from several notable scholars. - Tour of, and classes at, the new Cambridge Eco Mosque.  - Hiking in nearby picturesque locations - A tour of Cambridge's historic city centre - A tour of some of Cambridge University's oldest colleges, dating back to the 13th century.  - Breakfast and dinner included.

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