4/03/2020 : Nlp Create Your Future Coach Practitioner Certification Modular

NLP, Create Your Future & Coach Practitioner Certification. (Modular)

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Nlp Create Your Future Coach Practitioner Certification Modular

Why come on this course? Become an accredited NLP professional. How would you like to transform your life, have the career, business or home life you have always wanted?  Would you like to become a coach, helping others  and making money at the same time? What about online courses? Online courses are all well and good, after all, I did one myself.  It was a waste of my £49.  I learned enough to be interested but not how to use any of the tecnhiques.  A course that has a classroom element gives you the ability to see the amazing transformations that NLP can bring about.  Working with a qualified trainer gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers straight away.  Working alongside other delegates you get to share the experience of learning some of the most life changing practices known.

Who is this for? The truth is that this course is for everyone and anybody.  This multi certification training package will help you let go of the 'stuff' of the past that is holding you back and learn the skills an techniques to unleash the latent power within.  Not only will you be able to transform your life and take it to the next level but you will also be able to use what you learn to help others or even start your own coaching business. NLP is so versatile that it can be used in a range of different settings such as: Business, Management, Sales, Therapy, Coaching, Sports, Education, Personal Development, In fact, in any situation, NLP can give you the skills to succeed. The only qualifications that you need to attend this training are an open and enquiring mind with a passion to learn and grow.
What will I learn? The below is a summary of the main learning that this course offers. NLP Certification Empowering beliefs Learn how to take control of the inextricable link between thoughts, emotion and behaviour. Understand the simple but previously secret  model of learning, human development and communication. Rapport Generate attraction, agreement and influence Learn how to instantly switch on mutual understanding Understand how to use your voice, posture and physiology to ensure people unconsciously associate positively with you Goals How to set achievable goals, both for yourself and others Discover the secrets to forming a goal that will succeed Representational systems How each of us use our senses to represent the world we live in and how each of us is different Use representational systems to further build rapport and agreement Learn what is really going on when people move their eyes when they are talking with you sub-modalities Learn the programming language of the human brain Discover how to change the encoding mechanism of the brain and take control Change beliefs that hold you back Language Patterns Learn the importance of words and how to use them to your advantage Discover hypnotic language patterns to influence and gain rapport Overcome objections with ease and confidence Anchoring Discover a technique that will allow you to choose how you feel and behave Access those internal resources that were previously unreachable Eliminate procrastination and live a motivated life Strategies Learn what it is that we all do, to do, what we do.
Discover your own and others buying strategies so that you can use the correct sales approach Change strategies that currently are less good and create future success Parts integtration Learn to control and eliminate indecision and internal conflict Create your own future™ Learn how you and others store time and personal history Understand how to elicit your own or another's time line Manage your time with greater efficiency Free yourself and others from beliefs and emotions that are holding you back Discover the link between your time line and your future Coaching Learn about the coaching cycle Discover "Instant Results Coaching" Use the CAN DO model Learn and utilise the three skills of coaching What certifications will I get? You will receive a NLP Practitioner Certification accredited by The American Board of NLP (ABNLP).  You will be able to join the ABNLP at Practitioner level.
You will receive a Create Your Future™ Practitioner Certification accredited by the Time Line Therapy Association. You will receive a Coaching Certificate from Performance Works Limited. How is this delivered? THE LIVE TRAINING ELEMENT OF THIS COURSE IS 7 DAYS IN DURATION AND TO BE CERTIFIED YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND ALL MODULES. MODULES ARE: 4th and 5th March 2020 18th and 19th March 2020 31st March, 1st and 2nd April 2020 Through the use of blended learning, pre reads (sent as PDF files, hard copies will be available upon request at an additional cost), research project along with audio or video files and classroom based activities it is possible to deliver and assess these certifications in a seven day period. We train a maximum of 10 people per course, ensuring you get a high quality experience.  Limiting places to 10 means that tickets sell fast, SO BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY.
Travelling to the venue The venue is easily accessible via car, bus, train and metro.   There are plenty of parking spaces available on a first come first served basis. Refreshments Each day there will be refreshments provided along with a light lunch. Refunds Refunds (minus eventbrite fee) will be given if the course has to be cancelled due to trainer illness, venue becoming unavailable, minimum delegates (4 delegates at minimum are required to run a course) not being met or other force majeure.  Alternatively, if the course is cancelled then the ticket may be used for a future event.

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