3/12/2019 : The Courtroom Conundrum Crack Code

The Courtroom Conundrum : can you crack the code?

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The Courtroom Conundrum Crack Code

You and your team are visiting the Squire Law Chambers when disaster strikes. Vital court documents have been locked in the safe and no one knows the combination. With the clock ticking, can you work together to crack the code and save the case?  In this interactive game you will have 40 minutes to solve puzzles, locate information and decipher clues. Some knowledge of a legal database such as Westlaw will be useful but above all you'll need to act quickly and keep cool. Teams of 3-6. Free of charge. Each booked ticket is for the whole team. Game takes place in the S19 Seminar Room, advance booking essential.  Please note: this is the same game as ran in December 2018. If you have already solved the Courtroom Conundrum please join us in March 2020 when a new game will be available.

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