3/11/2019 : Evolve Birmingham A Half Day Micro Retreat Inner Evolution

EVOLVE Birmingham - A Half-Day Micro-Retreat for Inner Evolution

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Evolve Birmingham A Half Day Micro Retreat Inner Evolution

WELCOME TO EVOLVE MICRO-RETREATS - Half-Day Micro-Retreats for Inner Evolution Designed for inner evolution. Inspiring peace, connectedness and love. Join the Inner Mastery International team for a half-day micro-retreat, with the concious use of 3 key tools: 1) Creative Expression Connection, expression and release, through movement, music and breath. Combining free movement, medicine music, expressive dance, conscious breathwork, creative interpretation, improvisation, spoken-word and other individual and group dynamics inviting the feelings of connectedness, openness, trust, surrender. Activities will vary each session, incorporating - in a spontaneous way - different creative dynamics from diverse fields and techniques, aligned with the energy of the room on the day.

2) Ancestral Remedies Working together consciously, with either: Rapé(h) - a native Brazilian natural snuff, with a base made from ground holy tobacco plant stem, with an often-secret recipe of other master or medicinal plants, to enhance the healing effect is has in relaxing mind and body and giving a sense of safety, security and deep connection. Rapé(h) is projected by one of our facilitators, with a special bamboo pipe, into each of the nostrils and is usually given standing or kneeling to participants, who simply hold a breath to receive the medicine and then exhale, surrendering to the process of grounding, balancing and release. And/or: Inwasi – an Amazonian tobacco ‘honey’ (or paste) that works with our breath to help us centre and open our heart space; inspiring introspection, receptiveness, openness, surrender, trust and acceptance.
Inwasi is shared as a small (something like pea-sized) ball of the sticky paste). You will be guided to apply the medicine to a specific region of your gums or tongue, to let it dissolve there and produce the saliva that you will swallow gently; relaxing into the process you may feel warmth and comfort, a feeling like you want to stretch your wings and open your heart further into trust and surrender, perhaps a moving towards experiencing a higher expression of love. 3) Conscious Integration After sharing the ancestral, natural remedies, we will open the group space for verbalization of what has moved in us, sharing of words and their energy to convey an essence of what we observed in ourselves when we opened ourselves up to the medicine and any messages it allowed us to receive or comprehend from and for ourselves.
Our Conscious Integration Methodology combines a unique hybrid gathering of elements from meditation, hypno-therapy, psycho-therapy, original wound healing, shadow healing, systemic therapy, family constellation therapy, and simply a circle gathering of friends, brothers and sisters, sharing a moment of healing, presence, consciousness, love, acceptance and gratitude for being human, at peace and alive together. EVOLVE PROGRAM OUTLINE (3-7pm) 2.45 pm – Arrival and connection with intention through the Inner Evolution pre-retreat form 3 pm – Gathering, sharing space, group unity and session-preparation dynamics 3.30 pm - 4.15 pm Creative Expression 4.15 pm - 4.30pm Break 4.30 pm- 5.30 pm Ancestral Remedy session 5.30 pm - 6.45 pm Conscious Integration 6.45 pm – Super-smoothie/latte, recording the essence of what shifted with the Inner Evolution post-retreat form ABOUT US Our Team OUR INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAM IS FORMED BY OVER 120 PEOPLE OF DIVERSE NATIONALITIES ACROSS THE GLOBE.
PSYCHOLOGISTS, FACILITATORS, CONSULTANTS, DOCTORS, THERAPISTS, AND LAWYERS ARE AMONGST OUR TEAM. THE EXPERIENCE GATHERED IN OUR INTERNATIONAL TOURS, SUPPORTING OVER 30,000 PEOPLE, REPRESENT THE STRONG FOUNDATION OF INNER MASTERY. We organize retreats throughout Europe and America, where thousands of participants have benefited from this powerful combination of ancestral remedies and conscious integration. Our facilitator/integrator team members have been trained in the Inner Evolution Method ®, through the European School of Ayahuasca, and by the professors of Ayahuasca International® and Conscious School®. We are a mainly Bristol-based UK team at Inner Mastery International and feel happy and grateful to be sharing this beautiful micro-retreat with you here where we call home.
Our Non-guarantee We guarantee nothing. We don’t guarantee a certain person to guide the session, nor a specific theme or focus for the session, nor a specific set of exercises or dynamics, nor exact timetables. We guarantee that we are here FOR YOU. We invite you to be here FOR YOU also. We hold this as a space free from judgement. We hold this as a safe space for whatever moves in us. Together we co-create a space of safety, of family, of community and tribe. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE MICRO-RETREAT We do not use banned substances in the countries we visit. We do not perform rituals or ceremonies or follow any particular indigenous-shamanic tradition. We are not a religious or sectarian organization, but we do organise inner work sessions with psycho-therapeutic accompaniment and attentive to the vital details so that the experience is pleasant and profound. Our approach is aimed at the participant, not the techniques or the substances. We put the emphasis on "their process", either TO BEGIN A NEW INNER EVOLUTION STAGE; TO ACCELERATE OR UNBLOCK ANY POINTS IN WHICH PEOPLE ARE STUCK OR AWAKENING TO, OR TO FIND MEANING TO EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING. We focus on the point of the personal process that each participant is experiencing at each moment, because we consider that life is in itself a process of Inner Evolution towards the understanding of ourselves and what happens to us. If you have done many things at the personal development level, with this retreat you may activate and enhance all the memories of what you have learned. A METHOD BASED ON YOU... There are millions of people around the world who are looking for new experiences that will give them a different meaning to life, one that gives them hope that there is a way out, or that simply gives them a clearer vision of what is happening to them. We are a group of international companies with more than 120 collaborators and facilitators dedicated to the dissemination and realisation of more than 500 inner evolution events a year in more than 20 countries. Our blog http://www.albertojosevarela.com is read by more than 7 million people in 7 languages. We have millions of followers and readers of more than 100 pages on social networks. Behind this international organisation there are many human beings who are sharing the transformation that is happening to us. That is why we have created a method based on you, because we have discovered it before in ourselves. Internal exploration inevitably leads us to both shadows and light, that is how we come to an understanding of the meaning of life. PARTICIPATION EVOLVE offers stand-alone, independent micro-retreats. Although regular attendance is very much invited and encouraged for those who feel deep resonance with the Inner Evolution energy, these micro-retreats are designed as stand-alone encounters where transformation in a single afternoon is possible. Your tickets includes the full 4-hour micro-retreat plus a superfood smoothie/latte at the end of the session :) Places are limited and work on a first-come-first-served basis. We look forward to welcoming you.

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