2/07/2019 : Universal Basic Income

"Universal Basic Income"

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Universal Basic Income

 "Universal Basic Income" with Dr Louise Haagh Can human beings claim a basic right to a dignified material existence, and could this be achieved through a Universal Basic Income? Would UBI have the potential to supplement or replace the welfare state and to makeeconomic life more democratic? In This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein notes that the universal sense of basic income is that it could help to transform the way we treat our whole (social and physical) environment. But is UBI possible and can it be financed? Dr Louise Haagh is Reader in Politics at the University of York She researches and writes about problems relating to the democratisation of human development, economic justice, modalities of institutional change, and social transformation. Louise is also known for her advocacy for a broader humanist, democratic defence of basic income that sets this reform in the context of a human development perspective on freedom and the problem of democratisation of the public sphere.  Louise has worked internationally with many academic institutions and governmental bodies.

She is Chair of the Basic Income Earth Network (http://basicincome.org/) and her publications include her latest book (2019) The Case for Basic Income.

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