1/12/2019 : World Rugby Level Strength Conditioning Orkney Rfc

World Rugby Level 1: Strength & Conditioning - Orkney RFC

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World Rugby Level Strength Conditioning Orkney Rfc

The World Rugby Level 1: Strength & Conditioning will expand on the physical conditioning content in the Rugby Ready online module. The topics addressed will seek to enhance the coach’s knowledge and understanding of S&C for the rugby player. Within its six modules, the Level 1 course will address eight key topics: Long Term Player Development Pathway Functional screening Anatomical Adaptation Demands of the game Principles of training Speed and intermittent sprint endurance Periodisation Recovery  Aims The coach will be able to describe the different stages of the Long Term Player Development Pathway.   The coach will be able to administer a basic functional screen. The coach will be able to implement an anatomical adaptation programme. The coach will have an understanding of the demands of the game and will be able to describe the principles of training.

In addition, the coach will become familiar with warm-up and cool-down activities. The coach will have a knowledge and appreciation of the different methods of developing speed acceleration and game-related conditioning. The coach will also be able to implement speed, multi-sprint/activity and conditioned games to advance the match fitness of players. The coach will have an understanding of programme planning and periodisation. The coach will also develop an understanding of the importance of recovery and be able to implement key elements of recovery, such as unloading and tapering, within the programme. Outline This course is delivered by World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Educators, and will last approximately 8 hours. Full attendance and completion of online pre-requisites is required.  This course is competence based and involves on-course appraisal through both theoretical and practical elements.
Coaches will be asked to participate in some of the practical activities to the level of their capabilities. This will involve running, throwing, jumping and may involve contact with the ground and other people. If you have any particular requirements that need to be considered, please raise them with the course leader upon arrival. There is a small assessment element to the course, which will be a combination of observed coaching (planning, delivery and review), group discussion, task/small group work including the planning, delivery and review of a strength and conditioning session. Please ensure you bring practical training clothing together with indoor clothing and writing materials. Please also bring a packed lunch and a drink/water-bottle.

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