1/04/2019 : Sql Queries Data Analytics Day Workshop Portsmouth

SQL Queries and Data Analytics 1-Day Workshop, Portsmouth

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Sql Queries Data Analytics Day Workshop Portsmouth

SQL Queries 1-Day Course This SQL Course at PCWorkshops will provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to retrieve and analyse data held in a database.   Who Should Attend Our delegates are professionals who work with data. SQL will help you to get information from your databases.  Course Outline Relational Database Concepts Concepts of Relational Database. What are Tables, Rows and Columns Keys: Primary and Foreign Keys. Indexes. SQL Data Types used in MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and compare them What is a Data Dictionary and why do you need it. SQL Language Essentials Learn to use SQL Select  Select and From clauses The SQL Where clause to filter your data Sorting data with the clause, Order By in SQL Expression Queries, using maths and functions Column Names and Aliases Summarizing and Grouping Data Using the SQL Aggregate Functions The Group By Clause Filtering with the Having Clause Querying Multiple Tables Inner Joins to get acces to multiple tables Column Qualification and Table Aliases Outer Joins, Self Joins, Left Joins Additional SQL Joins The Union, Union All Intersect and Minus Operators SQL Subquery Basics, self-contained and correlated   INCLUDED: What can/can't I bring to the event? You can bring your own Laptop - let PCWOrkshops know beforehand You can bring your own data and examples - let PCWOrkshops know beforehand Refreshments: PCWorkshops invite you to Tees and coffees Certificates:  You will get attendance PCWOrkshops certificates Included: Notes.

Query examples and exercises.  After course support: 2-hours online revision session, by PCWOrkshops on Teamviewer  

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