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AtBernie Spain Gardens
CountyLondon (GB085)

Bernie Spain Gardens
London (GB085)
Tel 2017-08-13
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This ride will be along what used to be the main branch of the Grand Union Canal once connecting London and Birmingham. Your host for the day is Kristian Slatina Meet at Bernie Spain Gardens at 10am for a 10.15am leave. We will head West, towards Clapham and Richmond, joining the canal at Brentford, heading NW to Bulls Bridge Junction, Hayes, Uxbridge, at which point we all might have enough of this canal which with minimum maintenance has quite an off road riding experience. From there we will detour to Ruislip Lido with more off road riding (if still up for it) jumping on the Celandine Route, which is, if you guessed it, a kind of off-road riding in the middle of a London suburb. Our well deserved energy drink of choice (tea or coffe or a pint or Gin Tonic) will be had at our final destination in Harrow On The Hill.

Before we get there, we will have stops to give a break to the saddles and their riders too. Please keep in mind that although the ride starts in the city, the most difficult parts of it will be on gravel/sand, grass, fallen leaves and tree branches, unkept canal path and some really bad road surface. Therefore the pace will be slow and set by basicly the amount and depth of the potholes ;) Distance covered will be around 65Kms arriving in Harrow by 6pm-ish. This is a bumpy route, so I would recommend a very comfy hybrid bike with suspension and puncture resistant tyres or a CX bike. Bring your road bike at your own peril ;) But do bring an Oyster card or Contactless card for the way back, which will be by Metropolitan line to Baker Street and change/ride from there. (or by Bakerloo line or the Overground from Kenton Station) London Canals map: Celandine walk map:

Hi Kristian. I have a question for you and I guess everybody else doing this ride. Would you mind if I join you with my dog? I'm thinking of meeting you in Brentford and staying as long as we ride off road. So probably till the Ruislip Lido and maybe bit along of Celandine Route.
Too early a start for me, and no, I'm not going to play "fifteen mile catch-up". Where does the ride finish and what are the chances of a few people wanting to hang out for a bit after?
I can join at Brentford. What time do you reckon you will be there?
Paulina Jędrzejczyk :)
Detailed route:
How many miles?

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