Warhammer 40,000 Damnation or Salvation

Address9 Market Street
AtWarhammer - Huddersfield
CountyWest Yorkshire (GB145)

9 Market Street
Warhammer - Huddersfield
West Yorkshire (GB145)
Tel 2017-10-04
Categoria Events

This October, our store will be fighting a campaign for Warhammer 40,000 in the desolate wastelands of ruined planet Acrov 392-B; a planet to the galactic East, close to the Great Warp Rift. Acrov 392-B was ruined in a Chaos attack as a part of the recent 13th Black Crusade, which left it devoid of an atmosphere. Mechanicum adepts have identified a series of sites and devices on the surface which, if activated, would replenish the atmosphere and render the world habitable once more. An array of different factions have now begun making planetfall, eager to save or doom the world, each with their own agenda and reasons; willing to cooperate with mortal enemies to this end. The campaign will run between 4/10/17 and 28/10/17. Each week players fight over parts of the world.

We do this by playing a standard game of Warhammer 40,000 of any size in store. The winner declares whether they will dedicate their victory, and the resources gained by it, to either the forces seekibg to save Acrov or those wishing to destroy it. The points gained in this way will generate command points to be used in a final game on 28/10/17, there will also be weekly bonuses gained for winning forces each week. On 28/10/17 we will be playing a large-scale, 5000 point game to determine the fate of Acrov. Multiple players will compete in this and full details will be going up in a separate post shortly.

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