The Lieutenant of Inishmore

AddressKeble College
AtO'Reilly Theatre
CountyStaffordshire (GB129)

Keble College
O'Reilly Theatre
Staffordshire (GB129)
Tel 2017-11-08
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"Mad Padraic", Second Lieutenant of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), cares about one thing, and one thing alone. It's not the fight for Irish independence - it's his cat, Wee Thomas. When Padraic learns that Wee Thomas has been killed, he rushes home to Inishmore, abandoning his lifestyle of torturing drug dealers and bombing chip shops, to find the culprit and enact his bloody revenge. However, violent as Padraic may be, his blind love for his feline friend may cause him to overlook a few crucial enemies. Tightrope Productions presents The Lieutenant of Inishmore by Martin McDonagh, 5th Week Michaelmas at the Keble O'Reilly Theatre. CREW Director - Philippa Lawford Producer - Kiya Evans Production Manager - Jack Foden Stage Manager - Laura de Lisle Prop Designer - Sophie Nathan-King Sound/Lighting Design - Alex Jacobs Marketing Manager - Georgie Robson Social Media Manager - Georgina Sage Costume Designer - Chloe Dootson-Graube Set Design - Isabella Rooney Dramaturg - Emily Lawford CAST Padraic - Christopher Page Mairead - Kate Weir Davey - Hugh Tappin Donny - Aaron Skates Christy - Chris Dodsworth Joey - Patrick Orme James - Peter Madden Brendan - Cameron Spain

This is Christy.

Christy considers himself to be a dedicated fighter in Ireland’s long struggle for independence. A stalwart member of the INLA, he is used to a life of violence and is not one to shy away from gruesome acts such as, for example, cat battering. After losing an eye in a drunken game of ‘murder in the dark’, played with crossbows, he has never forgiven ex-colleague ‘Mad Padraic’, and is rumoured to be out for revenge.
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