Stress Management; 5 week Course

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The Saughtonhall Community Association's hall, 22a Saughtonhall Avenue
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In this 5 week course, Lorna will be teaching you how to use yoga, pranayama and a range of mental techniques to offer you a variety of tools to use in your day to day life to take control of your world. Stress can be defined as the the response to a demanding situation. The thing is, it’s not the situation itself but the reaction and actions we take to that situation that lead to debilitating illness of both body and mind. Our well-being and ability to manage stress is about taking charge of physical and emotional responses as well as environmental and social aspects of our lives. Managing stress can only really begin when we have identified the stressors that we are exposed to. These are unique circumstances to each us. By learning to recognise our unique triggers and implementing stress reduction and relaxation strategies, we can begin to regain balance, develop resilience and reduce the negative of impact of daily life.

This course includes a combination of practical exercises, yoga practice and yoga nidra. Each week we will look in more detail at a specific aspect of stress and offer techniques to use in the ‘real world’. This is a practical course that will leave you with a better understanding of the root causes of your stress and the tools that will help you not only cope but thrive. The course will include: - What is stress - understanding the physical and emotional signs Identifying your stressors - Free writing to change your perspective - Yin yoga for physical and energetic stress release - Yoga Nidra for deeper relaxation - Introduction to meditation - Breathing techniques and how they change your state - Posture and mood This 5 week block starts on the 3rd September 2017 till the 1st October 2017 on Sundays from 12:00 - 14:00 Booking is through our website or the Sunshine Yoga APP on the Book a Class Page

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