Shooting stars over Newcastle 2017

CityNewcastle upon Tyne
AtNewcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Tyne and Wear (GB137)
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One of the most stunning events in the stargazer's calendar is the annual Perseid meteor shower. A meteor shower’s activity is expressed by its zenithal hourly rate or ZHR. At its peak on August 12-13, the Perseid shower will have a ZHR of 80-100 meteors-per- hour. This year, the Perseid meteor shower is set to peak on the night of Saturday, August 12 , although you'll still get excellent visibility on the nights of the 11th and 13th. Look for a great place in the park and enjoy the heavenly spectacle over Newcastle.

Won't it be harder to see in the middle of a city with all the lights I'm sure most star gamers know the best place is were there s little light pollution like a beach or some where like kielder forest.

Was thinking of going but don't want to pay when I could go to the beach near by and watch
Unfortunately there will be a ¾ gibbous moon that night so the sky will be very light making it not impossible to see any but more difficult and if you are anywhere within a built up area or city the light pollution will add to the problem
I will view this spectacular event from Gosforth, sky is more clear here, than city center. All are welcome. we can have cups of coffee.
All things subject to the weather as its not looking good over the weekend. .
I live in a city - there's a big hill a hill better?
Lydia Bennett, AndrewJenkinsBrierley. . .
Louise Short might see it from yours at the party?
Where would u go to watch Denise ?
which park is it it doesn't say ?
Where about I want to go.
Christopher Page
Which park?

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