Miraculous Mediumship Glasgow:An Evening of Spirit Communication

Address517 Paisley Road West
AtGoGlasgow Urban Hotel
CountyGlasgow (GB057)
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517 Paisley Road West
GoGlasgow Urban Hotel
Glasgow (GB057)
Tel 2017-05-25
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** Click for tickets: ** Join Hay House author, medium and coach Lauren Robertson for an evening of communication with Spirit...with a difference. In segment one, feel uplifted, comforted and joyful as Lauren re-connects you with your loved ones in Spirit. In segment two, receive guidance, intuitive insights and transformational coaching in our Q&A. The aim of this evening is to make you feel lighter, to heal with laughter where appropriate, and to increase feelings of love. So if you desire to lift your energy, connect with your loved-ones, and have your most pressing questions answered (with the help of Spirit of course. ) then this is the event for you. Tickets are priced at £15 each, or £20 for a pair.

***Unfinished Business*** Often, when a loved-one makes their transition to Spirit, there is unfinished business.

Generally speaking, we don't get to know when our time is going to come, and so we aren't always able to bring our physical lives to completion in a neat and tidy way. This can mean that when a loved-one passes, we're left with unfinished business. We didn't get to say a final farewell to someone we adore. We never got around to telling them how we really feel. They didn't get to see the birth of a baby, or our wedding. They never got the chance to apologize to us, or we to them. We never got to exchange words of forgiveness... ...or we never managed to put our affairs in order. Unfinished business with a loved one in Spirit can continue to affect our lives for a long, long time. Feeling that things are incomplete, worrying that we're not forgiven, feeling guilty about what was done or not done, living with a question that you fear you'll never have the answer to...
Such states of mind can steal your own life, your own joy, your own happiness from you. Our loved ones certainly DO NOT want that to be their legacy - that they lived, only to leave you with pain and unanswered questions. Helping you receive closure on unfinished business, and helping you receive understanding about unanswered questions is one of the driving forces of my mediumship. I have witnessed first-hand, the transformation that can take place in someone's life...

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