Milk Poetry Open Mic Ft Jausmė and Leila Jane King

Address133 St. Michael's Hill
AtThe Room Above
CountyBristol (GB017)

133 St. Michael's Hill
The Room Above
Bristol (GB017)
Tel 2017-08-21
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MILK POETRY IS BACK. SINCE WE'RE AN ORGANISATION OR COLLECTION OF FRIENDS IT'S TECHNICALLY OK FOR MILK TO REFER TO ITSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON HURRAH FOR US. After our Malaika's book launch last month we find ourselves still shaky on our feet and reeling in our hearts from her words so this month we're having an open mic to allow ourselves room to breathe and heal and be wonderful in. But, we woudln't be Milk if we didn't bring in the best gosh darn artists, poets and all round talent for our lovely audiences to enjoy and this month is no exception Headlining this months event we have the wonderful, enigmatic, mysterious and absolutely bloody lovely Jausme Jausmė is a pioneer of some mystical, unique sounds you are likely to come across, playing the Kanklės, its 29 strings and vocal chords in a mix of folklore, jazz and soul inspired by nature and people and if you're people perhaps that means by you too.

Jausmė has collaborated with various electronic music producers and worked on sounds of deep bass, dub, dubtechno, garage and more. As if that wasn't enough we have the fantastic Leilah Jane King, winner of our June Slam. Hopefully she'll invite us into her world and fill us with words and laughter. There's an open mic too so if you wanna strut your stuff, show the world what your made of, scare the bajeezus out of us, share your story or your poem or your song. Get here good and early to sign up and spread the love. See you there right? £4 OTD

Do you have to sign up in advance for the open mic here or is it on the door? x
Open mic? With music allowed? Could you put my name on the list?
Ah I'm away till that Friday. Shame.
Yes. Banger of a double bill. .

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