Erika Vogt, 'Weed Beach'

AddressSuite 2/1, 6 Dixon Street
AtMary Mary, Glasgow
CountyGlasgow (GB057)

Suite 2/1, 6 Dixon Street
Mary Mary, Glasgow
Glasgow (GB057)
Tel 2017-05-26
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Erika Vogt Weed Beach 27.05.2017 –– 08.07.2017 Preview: 26.05.2017, 6 - 8pm Mary Mary is delighted to announce our first solo exhibition with Los Angeles based, Erika Vogt. Vogt is a sculptor who works materially across mediums. Vogt’s sculptures have taken the form of large-scale installations, collaborative theatrical projects and heavily textured, performative videos. In her practice, objects are a catalyst for movement of the human figure. As in past exhibitions and works, Vogt mines iconography ranging from architecture to the decorative arts through numerous historical periods. In ‘Weed Beach’, Vogt focuses on the form of the disc and of the sphere as manifested in a range of cultural production and civilization, building from archaic architectural models, to armor and weaponry, to models of the planetary solar system and geological phenomena such as volcanos.

These varying sculptural forms, hang and lean, and are installed so as to draw attention to and utilize the differing architecture of the space. In this sense, the works act both as props and functional objects, as they casually sit and hang in the space. The sculptures in ‘Weed Beach’ are never one thing. They are a re-working of performative forms and are at once sculptural pieces and post-performance reenactments with each given the name of a friend, a family member or fellow artist, some of whom participated in the theatre works. Many of the works in the exhibition simultaneously function as sculpture, costume, prop and practical object; some even forming functioning vases or work tables further emphasizing their role as a plane for activity. This dual sculptural function - of both practical prop and sculptural object is a recurring motif within Vogt’s practice.
Previously Vogt has re-worked the props used in the collaborative performances for the ‘Artist Theater Program’ and those used for her videos and installations. The works materiality reference a quick, rough production with their colours taken from a series of protest posters and pro-democracy campaigns. Each work here is linked to a script written by Vogt called ‘Noon at Weed Beach’. The two rooms of the gallery space allow for distinctive mise en scene. Excerpts from the script will be recited during the exhibition. In the first room, with the volcano, objects are environmental or elemental - volcano, planets & flowers, and weaponary. In the second room works are ostensibly linked to humankind - Corinthian helmets replicating those common in the archaic period; deflectors modeled after a kardiophylax (disc shaped) worn as armour to protect the heart.
As in previous works, these sculptures will be used as costumes and tools for choreography and directing sight lines.

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