Ayurveda - Living by the laws of Nature workshop

AtUnderwood Community Centre
CountyNottinghamshire (GB106)

Underwood Community Centre
Nottinghamshire (GB106)
Tel 2017-07-02
Categoria Events

In this workshop I'll be giving a talk on Ayurveda and you'll get to know your ayurvedic dosha type by filling in a Prakruti questionnare. We'll also have a chance for a practical session, where you' ll get to expereince which asana,level & breath work suits your dosha....of Vata, Pita or kapha. Plus simple techniques for keeping your dosha type in balance. Learning about The science of Ayurveda living by the laws of nature is an enlightening experience and once you start on the path can be very much life -changing. Session times: 10-1 - fee is £24 you can pay by internet bank transfer or cheque. Please let me know if you'd like to book a space. Wishing peace & Well-being to all. Namaste.

Thank you everyone for your interest in this workshop.

I've just recently come back from India, where I stayed in an ashram for 12 days to take an Ayurvedic Consious living course, along with learning certain yoga sequences for the's very interesting & enlightening, it's a vast subject as you know. I'm just touching the surface...but would love to share what I learnt and know so far. .
I'd love to come to this Vicky but I'm probably working, will you be running it again sometime soon?
Please send me your bank details, I would love to come and learn

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